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SPROG DCC JRE Installation on Windows

You need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer to run JMRI DecoderPro, the application software required to use your SPROG device.
Note: this is NOT the same as getting a Java update in a web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
To check if you have Java, you can open a "DOS" Window (Start Menu > Run..., type "cmd" and Click OK),
and in the DOS window type "java -version". You will see java version "1.8.0_191" or similar if java is correctly installed.

If you do not have Java, or it is older than version 1.8.xxx, then follow the next step:

Click here to install the JRE for 32bit Windows systems (most older Windows computers).

Click here to install the JRE for 64bit Windows systems (most new Windows computers).

Select "Run" if prompted to do so. You may need to restart your computer and then return to this page to continue the installation process.

This is version 1.8.0_191, up to date as of December 2018, also sometimes called "Java 8", and this or newer is required with this version of DecoderPro.

If you don't yet have Java installed, you can also get the latest installers from Oracle by going to http://java.com/java/download/index.jsp.

You must run the Java installer (or have previously loaded Java) before running the JMRI installer in the next step, or it will issue an error message and stop.

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