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SPROG DCC JMRI Installation on Windows

SPROG DCC devices use the JMRI DecoderPro software to run SPROG, program your decoders and manage all your decoder records.

Click here to install JMRI 4.26 Click "Run" if prompted to do so.

This is the current "full release" production version of the JMRI DecoderPro tool released in July 2021,
which has had extensive testing by many users, and has CV programming support for newer families of sound decoders such as BLI Paragon3, TCS WOW, QSI, Tsunami and LokSound 5, as well as many other features.

For the latest and most complete JMRI reference information please also refer to the JMRI web pages, or look at the on-line Help from within DecoderPro or PanelPro.

NOTE: Newer production versions or "test" versions may be available, offering new features or decoder support.
We recommend that you install from this site with the supplied supported version, and get your installation running,
before considering seeking newer versions! on the JMRI site.

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