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Installing SPROG IIv3, SPROG IIv4, SPROG3 or SPROG Nano on MacOS or most Linux systems

Install USB drivers

In contrast with previous SPROG models, No USB drivers for SPROG need to be installed to use the SPROG IIv3, SPROG IIv4, SPROG3 or SPROG Nano on your Mac.
SPROG II v3, SPROG IIv4, SPROG3 and SPROG Nano are a USB CDC (Communications Class Device) and require no special drivers, using default drivers included with MacOS.

For Linux, there are many variations of Linux system installations, and variations in installing the USB support may be encountered, but in general USB CDC devices are supported directly.

Your SPROG will appear as the cu.usbmodem1411 device (or very similar name with the last few digits varied) when we set up Preferences in the next section.
If you need to check, run the System Report and select USB (Apple Menu > About this Mac, then select "System Report ...").
The USB items should show the presence of the appropriate SPROG device.

For help with any problems in this sequence, see the information on the SPROG DCC FAQ page.

Start DecoderPro

The next step is to start DecoderPro, and set preferences for this connection.

Next an introduction to DecoderPro.

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