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Installing SPROG DCC on macOS

Note: JMRI DecoderPro and therefore SPROG devices are no longer supported on Mac Classic or MacOS earlier than 10.8.

Install Java

SPROG DCC devices use the JMRI DecoderPro software to run SPROG, program your decoders and manage all your decoder records.

Users running "macOS" need to install Java 11 before installing JMRI DecoderPro.

This installation from this site is supported for Mac OS X version 10.8.3 "Mountain Lion" and newer, including El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur.

If you don't yet have Java installed, you can get Java 11 from either Azul or by going to Adoptium (Eclipse) (get the ".dmg" for easy install).

You must run the Java installer for version 11 (or have previously loaded Java 11) before running the JMRI installer in the next step, or it will issue an error message and stop.

Install JMRI DecoderPro

Note: If you had JMRI on this computer previously, please read the Release Notes for this version for important information.
It is important that you remove or rename the prior JMRI folder in the Applications folder before continuing.

Click here to install JMRI 5.0
This will show the ".dmg" file in Finder on your desktop.

Mac Desktop

Double-click the "JMRI.5.0+Rc441642522.dmg" to unpack the file you downloaded above. This will create the disk image icon and open the "JMRI" folder.

To install, you just have to move the JMRI folder to where it can run on your computer. Just drag the JMRI folder (see image above) on top of the displayed "Applications" folder shortcut and release to put it into the default place with all other applications.

To place a shortcut to DecoderPro on your desktop, navigate to the Applications folder on your Mac, open the JMRI folder, and drag the DecoderPro icon to the command Dock ribbon at the bottom of your screen.

This is the current "full release" version of the JMRI DecoderPro tool released in June 2022, which has had extensive testing by many users, and has support for newer families of sound decoders such as BLI Paragon3/4, TCS WOW, QSI, Tsunami and LokSound 5, as well as many other features.

For the latest and most complete JMRI reference information please also refer to the JMRI web pages.
NOTE: Newer production versions or "test" versions may be available, offering new features or decoder support.
We strongly recommend that you install from here with the supplied supported version, and get your installation running,
before considering seeking newer versions! on the JMRI site.

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